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Samsung Galaxy S7 Repair in Memphis


  • Screen Repair  - $179
  • Battery Replacement - $69
  • Charging Port - $109
  • Back Cover - $49.99
  • Rear Camera Glass $39.99
  • Front Camera - $59.99
  • Rear Camera (Not the glass but camera itself) $69.99
  • Earspeaker - $49.99
  • Loudspeaker - $49.99
  • Microphone - $69.99
  • Software - Starts at $39.99 and up

A couple of common questions we get regarding Samsung Galaxy S7 repairs:

Do we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 screens in stock? Yes we do and as a matter of fact, we are one of the only repair shops to that carries the parts to fix your Samsung Galaxy S7 repair in Memphis and Collierville.

My screen is blacked out but I can still hear the notifications , is that fixable? Yes it is. Most likely means that your inside AMOLED  screen is broken. Our screen repair will fix this problem. 

How long does the repair take? Usually takes about 90 minutes but that could vary depending on which repairs are ahead of you. 

Do I need to make an appointment? No , you can just go in to our Memphis or Collierville location to get it fixed.