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Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. We are an independent android and iphone repair shop and not affiliated with Apple, or Samsung . iphone repair in Collierville, Germantown, Cordova and surrounding Memphis areas.  

Who we are

At Phone Kings, we like to think we are different and for really good reasons. We aren’t your typical “phone repair shop” that you see so many of these days. Before you roll your eyes at that statement . hear us out. Let’s start out with experience. Smartphones are super expensive nowadays and when you break yours , making sure it’s in really good hands with techs that KNOW what they’re doing is the most important thing. I can’t stress the importance of that as there are a lot of “techs” repairing phones that should not be anywhere them due to their lack of experience and poor workmanship. Our experience goes as far back as 1998. We’ve been repairing cell phones when the words smart phone wasn’t even a phrase and would have gotten you strange looks at the time if you said them. The very first phone repair we did was an antenna replacement for a Nokia 5120 back in 1998. Throughout the years we have repaired more phones and other electronics than we could possibly even count. We’ve seen it all and fixed it all. So it’s safe to say you would be hard pressed to find someone with more experience. We continue to innovate and stay up to date on repairing the newest phones . We also do very complex repairs and are one of the very few that offer repairs on microscopic levels. This alone separates us from any phone repair shop in Memphis. We excel in micro soldering repairs and almost always fix devices that others , including Apple , say can’t be fixed. We strive for excellence in customer service and workmanship and hope to see you should you ever need your phone, tablet or other electronic devices repaired.

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Memphis,TN 38122                                             Closed on Sunday