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  • Loudspeaker/Earspeaker -  $49.99 

Can't hear the other person or they can't hear you? Ringtone doesn't work. Yes yes and yes.....our techs fix those too

Don't see the repair you need? Just give us a call. If it's fixable, we can fix it.

  • Camera Repair -Call .We replace broken camera and glass on all iPhones. 
  • Battery Replacement - $59 Battery draining quickly is usually a sign that it needs to be replaced. Bring it by and get yours replaced today

Appointments aren't necessary but are available. Book appointment here

  • Screen Repair - $69.99 Our techs will get your screen looking new again. Best of all, on iPhone 8 Plus repairs, we don't charge extra if the LCD is broken along with the glass.
iPhone 8 plus repairs Phone Kings
  • Charging port - $59  Phone not charging?  Do you have to wrap the cable around the phone like you're strangling it to get it to charge? Stop stressing and bring it in. We can fix your charging problems

iPhone 8 Plus Repairs

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