• Screen Repair - $59.99
  • Charging Port - $49.99
  • Battery - $49.99
  • Rear Camera $109
  • Front Camera - $49.99
  • Earspeaker - $49.99
  • Power Button = $89.99
  • Volume Control - $89.99

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

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This is a surprising question we get a lot and there are people who think once they break the screen on their iPhone 7 plus that they need to purchase another phone. WRONG! Not only can we repair your broken iPhone 7 plus but we also back up our work with a lifetime guarantee against defects. We have 20 years of experience in the phone and electronic repair industry so your phone is in the best hands. Another great reason to choose us is we can fix your broken iphone 7 plus screen in 30 minutes in most cases. 

iPhone batteries that don't hold charge like they used to is usually a sign that the battery is going bad and needs to be replaced. We stock batteries for all iPhone models and can usually get your iPhone 7 plus battery replaced in under an hour. Phone Kings uses the highest quality batteries in the market and have done thousands of battery replacements for iPhones.

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iPhone 7 plus screen has lines in it or the screen is blacked out. Is that fixable?

iphone 7 plus screen repair Phone Kings Memphis

Absolutely! In most cases it just means your screen is broken and no further repair is needed. 

Can a cracked and iPhone 7 plus screen be repaired?

My iPhone 7 plus battery drains quickly and doesn't last when fully charged. Will a battery replacement fix the issue?

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