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iphone 6 plus touch disease repair Phone Kings Memphis

You may have heard about the infamous Touch IC problem going around known as touch disease for countless Apple iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus users. The symptoms of this epidemic is an unresponsive screen and/or grey bars at the top of the screen.

This can be triggered by different things . It can be caused by the aluminum frame on the iPhone 6/6 plus being really prone to bending which causes the Touch IC Controller(s) to seperate from the logic board. Is it fixable? YES

Phone Kings is the ONLY repair shop in Memphis,TN to offer this repair. We have replaced over 400 TOUCH IC chips to date successfully. These were customers who thought their only option was to pay for an out of warranty replacement from Apple that will likely do the same thing down the line. Don't waste your money , instead let the professionals at Phone Kings replace the TOUCH IC in your iPhone 6 / 6 PLUS. 




How much does it cost?  Touch IC Repair for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus is $79

How long does it take to repair?  It's usually done the same day but if we are backed up it could take until the next day

Do you guys reflow (reheat) the touch IC or do you replace it?  We replace the Touch IC. Reflowing is NOT the correct way to fix this problem and is only considered a temporary fix. STAY AWAY from 

"technicians" who reflow (reheat) the Touch IC. The only true fix is to replace the ic chips.

If I don't live nearby, can I mail in my phone to get this done?  Yes , absolutely!Click here

Once it's fixed , can it happen again?  Technically yes it can happen again since the root of the problem is a design flaw with the iPhone 6/6 Plus.  Though it's unlikely unless you bend your phone . BUT if it does happen again, we will replace the TOUCH IC again for no charge minus the shipping

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 PLUS TOUCH IC Repair