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October 20, 2018

Are all iphone charging cords the same?

We had a customer come in the other day wanting to purchase an iPhone USB Cable for her iPhone 7. When we told her the price , $9.99, she decided to go to Walgreens and buy a $5 one. I tried to explain to her why all cords aren't the same but it went in one ear and out the other. When purchasing an iphone charging cable , the wrong purchase can kill your iPhone. You must use Mfi certified cables.

What does MFI  mean? It stands for "Made for Iphone, iPod, iPad" and there's a reason for it. The cheap iphone cables you see at gas stations, convenience stores and other big box stores (I won't name) don't have the regulator chip in them that prevents voltage fluctuation. The MFi certified ones do. Without it , the cheap ones send unlimited power to your device and trust me your Iphone does not want that. 

So what happens? When using the cheap ones and the voltage spikes they cause, the charging IC (Tristar in newer iPhones) burns up causing your iphone to give error messages such as accessory not supported or your iPhone only charges on some cables or only charges on one side of the cable, and more commonly it won't charge at all.

Is it fixable? Yes it is and yes we can do it (see pic on right). The cost is $99 to replace the charging ic and that all could be prevented by spending a little bit more on your USB cable , in this case , $5 more since we sell Mfi certified cables for $9.99. 

Note the one one left has the square little IC Chip which is good. Cheap ones don't have that (right)

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