• Screen Repair - $49.99
  • Charging Port Replacement $49.99
  • Loudspeaker / Mic/ Headphone Jack $49.99
  • Rear Camera $44.99
  • Proximity Sensor / Front Camera $39.99
  • Battery Replacement $39.99
  • Vibrate Motor $29
  • Backlight Repair - $89.99 *
  • Water Damage Price Varies. $35 Nonrefundable Diagnostic Fee

*Backlight repair means that your display brightness is really low and can only be seen while holding the phone underneath a lamp light . This is usually caused while doing a screen repair and not disconnecting the battery first before working on the phone. It is a motherboard issue and is something we do in house so you don't have to wait extra time  by mailing yours out

iPhone 6S Screen repair at Phone Kings

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iPhone 6S Repair List