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Repair Warranties
Phone Kings will honor a 60 day limited warranty on repairs. Workmanship and micro-soldering including charging ports and power button repairs are warrantied for 30-days. These warranties exclude any software problems, liquid damage, main circuit board issues, or owner abuse. Screen repair warranty does NOT cover any types of breaks, cracks, water damage or user abuse.

Phone Sale Warranty
Phone Kings phone sales come with a 60-day warranty. This warranty assures that every aspect of the device is working unless customer has been told otherwise. This warranty excludes user damage (ex. Liquid damage, drops, breaks, part removal, DIY Repair or repairs/inspection by other shops.) All sales are final and no returns will be accepted. In the event that there's a problem with your device that can't be fixed, we will replace it with a device of equal or close to equal value at the market value at the time of problem, not purchase date.